Lightweight natural stone

Lightweight natural stone is perfect for installation on superyachts.

LightWeight natural stone

Lightweight natural stone consists of a sheet of natural stone bonded to an aluminium or honeycom panel.

A sheet (veneer) of natural stone between 4-8mm thick is bonded to an aluminium or honeycomb panel making a finished product that is much lighter than solid stone. The panels are fixed to walls, ceilings and furniture panels with a mounting system and can be enhanced with a wide range of edge finishes and back lighting.

By bonding natural stone to a lightweight panel, the slab will not only be more solid, it can be larger as well. A larger stone panel makes it possible to achieve seamless, monolithic walls of natural stones, allowing the beauty of stone to blossom forth.

Characteristics of lightweight natural stone:

■ large format up to 3000 x 1500 mm in a single piece without joints;
■ very light: from 13 kg/m² upwards;
■ very thin: from 8 mm upwards;
■ timeless and elegant: no difference with massive stone;
■ allows translucent stones such as onyx and many marbles to be backlit.


Advantages of lightweight natural stone:

■ stronger than massive stone
■ quick and easy to install;
■ safe for breakage;
■ clean and practical for dry wall technique;
■ interesting for refit;
■ many ways of affixing the slabs, adhesive techniques and suspension systems;
■ easy to maintain;
■ ready to fit modules and combined elements.

The making of a bathroom sink of lightweight natural stone.


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