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The ultimate tool for every interior designer and architect

The ultimate tool for every interior designer and architect

Interior designers tool

The Stone Natural Class Designers Kit: The ultimate tool for every interior designer and architect.

As an interior designer, you aim to create an exclusive and stylish environment for your clients, right? And natural stone adds personality and cachet to any design. But what type of stone to select? How will your stone of choice match the other stones and materials you are planning to use? How will you help your client visualize the design you have in mind? Stone Natural Class, an expert in up scale natural stone products, offers you a hands-on solution: the Stone Natural Class Designers Kit.


Natural stone: the ultimate sense of affluence, luxury and exclusivity

You don’t need anyone to tell you that nothing radiates pure affluence and exclusivity more than natural stone. A product only nature can craft. Irreplaceable by any other material. Worldwide, about 10.000 types of stone exist. There is no limit to the variety of colour and texture. Every slab of natural stone is unique. Each comes with its own chromatic spectrum and veining. Apply natural stone the right way, and the space you are decorating will radiate exquisite beauty and ultimate luxury.


You’ll probably know most common types of natural stone.
Are you aware of all ways to apply them as well?
Are you comfortable combining two or more stone types?


Processing and installing natural stone requires expertise and craftsmanship. The specialists at Stone Natural Class bring decades of experience to the table and continuously get retrained to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Did you know, for instance, that, by creating lightweight versions of a stone, it can be installed in canal houses with hardwood floors and in elevators as well? Have you ever seen a backlighted natural stone? Splendid for a darker area, like for instance a bathroom. Or to turn a fairly dull wall into an eye catcher. Stone Natural Class gladly teams up with you to brainstorm design ideas. Or to come up with the perfect stone type and application.


Interior designers luxury stone

With the Stone Natural Class Designers Kit, you’ll have 52 trendy stone types at arm’s reach.
A picture often times tells more than a thousand words.


Stone Natural Class Designers Kit

You may already use stone samples in your design workflow. They tend to be bulky, though. And they have a hard time sticking to an inspiration board most of the time. Not to mention the hassle bringing them to client meetings. For this reason, Stone Natural Class has compiled a Designers Kit targeted to interior designers and architects. 52 cards with realistic representations of the most remarkable stone types. To help you out and expand your knowledge. Compare stone types, match them to other material, and carry them around much easier. The accompanying guide features examples that show ways to use natural stone. Long story short: this kit will help you come up with deliberate and unexpected designs. In orderly fashion. Both for yourself and for your clients.
Are you meeting with a client?
Stone samples are bulky. Bring a convenient card set along instead. You’ll have 52 trendy stone types at arm’s reach. A picture often times tells more than a thousand words. At least. Avoid wordy descriptions. Just show the picture. So much easier.
Do you use inspiration boards?
Finding an attractive picture of a stone type online, printing it (only to find out you have just run out of ink) and attaching the picture to the board. It works. It tends to take up much more time than you planned for, though. Using cards from the designers’ kit will make your life much easier. Just pin or stick it on. Is your favourite stone type not included? Stone Natural Class does maintain an extended library with images of stone types. You will have to print those, though.
Do you love to mix and match?
This card set allows you to quickly match two or more stone types. You’ll quickly learn which stone types are the best fit, for each other, and for your design.


Interior designers kit luxury stone

The booklet includes several examples featuring top interior designers,
who implemented luxury stone combinations in their designs for an up scale villa and an exclusive superyacht.


How to get your hands on a Stone Natural Class Designer’s Kit?

The Stone Natural Class Designer’s Kit is a nifty tool for every interior designer and architect. It is easy to use and convenient to bring along. The kit features a card set with 52 high quality photos of natural stone types, as well as a guide featuring lots of examples of the use of natural stone in interior designs. Would you like to get your hands on one? Schedule an introductory meeting with Hans Bullens today, and he’ll gladly brings one along for you. Mail him at info@stone-bv.nl or call him at +31 (0) 497 645 942.


Hans Bullens interior designers kit

Hans Bullens hands over the Stone Natural Class Designers Kit to top interior designer Ruud van Oosterhout.


What is Stone Natural Class about?

Stone Natural Class creates and implements unique natural stone products for the interiors of up scale villas and awe-inspiring super yachts. This Reusel based business is proud of its heritage within the Dutch province of Brabant. Stone Natural Class is renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship and gets hired regularly by top designers and international shipyards.

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