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Top interior design trend: Backlit Onyx

Top interior design trend: Backlit Onyx


Be distinctively different and go for backlit Onyx.

Onyx is an exclusive, vivid and somewhat fragile gemstone. Chemically it is a variation in form of the mineral quartz, this is what makes it an interior material in the higher price category. This slightly translucent stone has many different appearances, with a variety in colour, shade and veining. Every single piece is unique. The use on countertops and cladding is not common, and that’s why Onyx will add a perfect special touch to your exclusive interior design.


Bring your designs to a whole new level with backlighting.
Onyx will catch the most eyes if it is backlit. Backlighting means as much as it says: a light source behind the stone illuminates the Onyx from behind, elevating its characteristics and adding a very warm feel to your interior. If an object is properly backlit it will make your design look magical and glamorous. In rooms that lack natural light, regular backlighting already brings the interior alive. Imagine what backlighting will do to a warm and charming stone like Onyx.

When you illuminate an (lightweight) Onyx-panel you can give the natural, inner beauty of this particular stone a great opportunity to improve the atmosphere of your interior design.



Why does a product made from backlit Onyx demand craftsmanship?

Small cracks are characteristic for the Onyx stone, and what gives this stone its special and sophisticated look. But unfortunately these cracks also form the weakness of the stone. They make Onyx unfit to function as a bearing structure and makes it impossible to use as a constructive structure.


There are several challenges to consider in this matter:
1. The structure of Onyx is fragile and soft;
2. The illumination of the Onyx;
3. The installation of backlit Onyx.



Challenge 1: Onyx is fragile and soft.
To use Onyx on larger areas, it has to be reinforced by another material. This material must meet the following conditions:
• it has to be transparent;
• it should not or hardly expand at temperature differences;
• it has to be able to hold up the structure and therefore fulfil a supporting function.
We have done several tests, exploring the difference in adhesive strength and bonding of the Onyx on glass and other composite materials. After extensive testing we found a sustainable solution for this first problem.


Challenge 2: The illumination Onyx in an equal way, invisible and undetectable.
All parts of the product have to be cut precisely, which means it has to be cut on exact angles. This is very important, for the different components need to be perfectly jetted to be able to bond tightly. The mitre-seams may be barely visible.
To fix the Onyx to the supporting material, specific knowledge and skills is an essential requirement. For a well-balanced and evenly lit panel it has to be glued invisibly and solidly, so without any air bubbles between the different layers of materials. Thereafter, the mounting of the LED lights and the construction of the product have to be done with a competent expertise.


Challenge 3: Installing backlit Onyx.
Last but not least, due to the fragile nature of Onyx the final product needs to be professionally installed in the interior. For a perfect result it should blend into the interior, without visible fixation.



What does Stone Natural Class offer?

In the manufacturing and installation of a design based on a natural product, the responsibility for the construction is often shared by multiple parties. The processing of backlit Onyx doesn’t work this way. Because of the fragile structure of the material it is advisable to put one party in charge of the process. Therefore we offer the whole traject of manufacturing the panel, taking care of the lighting and the installation of the product on site.


Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. If you would like to share your thoughts, make suggestions or ask questions related to natural stone, please don’t hesitate to contact
Hans Bullens
by email: info@stone-bv.nl
or by phone: +31 (0)6 53 529 908


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