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From intern to planning engineer: an interview with Mark Bogaerts

From intern to planning engineer: an interview with Mark Bogaerts

Mark Bogaerts waterjet


At the end of the internship for his MBO studies engineering, Mark Bogaerts was asked to stay on board at Stone Natural Class. That was over a decade ago, and Mark is still here. Lots of changes have been made during that period. Mark became the proud dad of two daughters; Lynn (2014) and Lana (2016) and evolved himself from work planner into a planning engineer.

Mark’s daily occupation consists mainly of keeping up with the pending projects. That means the whole process from quotation to execution. 
“As soon as the client agrees with a price, an offer turns into an order. The kind of projects we run at Natural Stone Class are very varied, but they are always exclusive and customized. The processing used, as well as the materials and its applications, are different every time. Most of the projects we cover from A to Z: the selection of the stones, the engineering, processing and placing.
Personal contact with the clients is very important to Mark. “By having a direct contact with the customers, I know what’s going on in their lives and what their daily activities are. We like this way of handling business, for it gives us the opportunity to anticipate on possible problems and lumps in the road at an early stage. We can alert them and make active suggestions to smoothen out the project. The job requires hard work, but there is also plenty of room for fun and social activity’s. The whole team consists out of nice and hardworking colleagues. And a good party once in a while will only strengthen the atmosphere.”


Mark Bogaerts werkplaats natuursteen


Mark is not lacking things to do. In fact, his workload is so heavy nowadays, that he needs reinforcement. Therefore, Stone Natural Class is in search of an enthusiastic, hardworking CNC Operator.


Mark Bogaerts Hans van Diessen controleren platen

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