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Luxury stone: Top trends 2018

Luxury stone: Top trends 2018

Wastafel gemaakt van backlit onyx

Vanity top made of backlit Onyx | Design by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design | Photography © David Churchill.

Ten years ago, demand for natural stone varied greatly. Stone types that sold like hot cakes in the US, barely generated demand in other countries. Even within states interest differed widely. “That has changed”, explains Karl van Grinsven, area manager at Marble and Granite Service in Verona, Italy. “Currently, the most popular colours are black, white and grey. Worldwide.” He shares the latest natural stone trends.

At present, an approximate 10.000 natural stone types are available. Most Dutch companies only offer about 40. Stone Natural Class is an exception. They source their stone slabs, amongst others, from Marble and Granite Service, who offer a much wider range: about 1.500 types of stone. “We continuously keep our eyes out for new stone types, and invest in acquiring new techniques. That way, we get to offer our clients extraordinary products as well, stone types that are not as widely known as others.”


calacatta bathroom

Bathroom of Calacatta marble | Design by Ruud van Oosterhout, RVO Design.


Trends in natural stone: black, white and grey.

The leading trend in the realm of natural stones is one related to colour: black, white and grey are word-wide the most sought-after colours. “Pink and purple seem to be making a comeback, though, and are for instance used to add color accents to an otherwise neutrally-toned bathrooms. Designers increasingly find the courage to use play around with colour and texture in their stone designs”.

Keeping the abundance of choice in mind, Karl highlights some of the most fashionable types of stone currently available.


Black cosmic

Black cosmic granite

Black and gold-coloured granite Black cosmic | Photography © Marble and Granite Service.

“This delightful granite features a silver-like sparkle. Additionally, this stone type is known for its white quartz flecks and gold-coloured marks and veining. Black cosmic is widely available and therefore fairly affordable.”


Taj Mahal

Taj mahal quartzite

Grey quartzite Taj Mahal | Photography © Marble and Granite Service.

“While many tend to think this stone type is sourced in India, in fact it is mined in Brazil. This quartzite has crystal like properties. It is incredibly dense: it will blunt a knife easily, without leaving a scratch. An additional benefit: it won’t react with acids.”


Fusion Wow Light

Fusion wow light quartzite

Green and pink quartzite Fusion Wow Light | Photography © Marble and Granite Service.

“This Brazilian quartzite never ceases to surprise. Even slabs from the same rock feature unimaginable varieties of shades, prints and veins. Think combinations of white, grey, brown and blue in all imaginable gradations. This type of stone is extremely durable and well suited for kitchen counters.”


Apuan Fantasy

marble Apuan Fantasy

Greyish blue marble Apuan Fantasy.

“This greyish blue marble boasts lovely veining and perfectly suits today’s trend towards minimalism. Apuan Fantasy is highly coveted at the moment. Compared to other sorts of marble, this variety is fairly hard.”


Invisible Grey

Invisible grey marble

Grey marble Invisible Grey | Photography © Marble and Granite Service.

“This is gorgeous material. Recently discovered techniques allow us to enforce weaker spots in the stone slabs and improve the quality to meet our standards. Only highly skilled stonemasons like Stone Natural Class are able to process this type of stone. The blueish shade of gray perfectly fits the current trend towards minimalism and works really well with stainless steel.”


Van Gogh

quartzite Van gogh

Brown quartzite Van Gogh | Photography © Marble and Granite Service.

“This crystal-like quartzite is hard as rock. When cut with a diamond blade, sparks fly around. It can take a punch. This greyish-beige quartzite features burgundy and gold veining.”


Onyx Ivory

Onyx ivory veincut luxury stone

Onyx Ivory Vein cut | Photography © Marble and Granite Service.

“This ivory shaded stone can be cut in two ways. ‘Vein cut’ will expose the veining more clearly. ‘Cross cut’ is a cut that happens alongside the veining and results in a more cloud-like design. The veining in Onyx Ivory occasionally tends towards a browner shade. Add backlight for a brilliant, illuminating effect.”


Ivory Onyx cross cut

Onyx Ivory Cross Cut

More samples of natural stone.


Karl van Grinsven luxury stone specialistKarl van Grinsven currently works as area manager at Marble and Granite Service in Verona, Italy. He is a luxury stone specialist and knows the latest natural stone trends everyone will be talking about in 2018.


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