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The natural charm of a backlit semi-precious stone

Discover natural charm of a backlit precious stone

Superyacht Ann G Counter cladding BlueAgate

Semi-precious stone Blue Agate backlitat Superyacht Ann G – Interior design by Reymond Langton.


From jewellery to interiors, semi-precious stones just add a dazzling touch to it.

An interior design created with semi-precious stones – like Blue, Black or Crystal Agate, Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Tiger Eye, Sodalite – is a design that never bores you. You keep discovering new details. When these gemstones are lit from behind, they create ambient colour effects and add a dramatic and eye catching look to an interior.

Imagine the samples below used for wall cladding, counter tops, dining tables, back splashes, vanity tops or bath tubs.


Samples of semi-precious stone

Precious Stone Black Agate

Semi-precious stone Black Agate.


Semi precious stone BlueQuartz

Semi-precious stone Blue Quartz.


Precious Stone Petrified Wood

Semi-precious stone Petrified Wood.


Semi precious stone Amethyst

Semi-precious stone Amethyst.


Precious Stone Crystal Agate Extra

Semi-precious stone Crystal Agate Extra.


Semi-precious stone Sodalite-Blue

Semi-precious stone Sodalite Blue.


Semi-precious stone Tiger Eye Blue

Semi-precious stone Tiger Eye Blue.


Precious Stone Blue Agate

Semi-precious stone Blue Agate.


Semi-precious stone used in a superyacht interior

Superyacht Ann G Blue Agate

Semi-precious stone Blue Agate used at Superyacht Ann G.


Superyacht Ann G Counter cladding Blue Agate detail

Semi-precious stone Blue Agate.


Interior design by Reymond Langton
Built by Heesen Yachts in 2015

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